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What Sesame Street Character are You in Your Organization?

Sesame Street begins its 50th season on November 9th and it really got me thinking about the lessons and characters I grew up with watching this iconic show.  As I thought about it, I began to connect people in my own organization and how Sesame Street is really just a snapshot of our own professional lives. So, here’s my Sesame Street view of Corporate…

6 Areas inside of LinkedIn with Character Limits

I'm frequently asked the character limits for messages, updates, profiles, and ads on LinkedIn, so I decided to create this post as a great little cheat sheet. Disclaimer, LinkedIn frequently makes changes. The limits that I am sharing in today's post …

How 5 CEOs Hire for Character

You need to hire a new team member. You have scanned about 60 -70 resumes, narrowing your potentials down to the top 5 or 6 candidates. We know that Hiring is a Human Activity, but how are business leaders hiring for truly human characteristics, like character?