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Should HR Support CEO’s Who Take Hard Political Stances?

Note > Other translations may include: ballsy, stupid, crazy, naive, smart, courageous, idiotic, or foolish enough…?  October 23rd was a typical day at Casa Burke. My cat jumped on my head to wake me up. I drank my 1.7 cups of Community Coffee (Mardi Gras Blend with sugar-free peppermint mocha creamer). I watched my girl Gail King on CBS This Morning for a few….

Does Having 2 CEOs Work? Also, Ginger Superiority on #HRFamous

In episode 38 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends)  Tim Sackett, Kris Dunn, and Jessica Lee discuss whether having two bosses or two CEOs (dual leadership in major corporations) ever works, superior genetic traits and dress codes in a WFH environment. Listen (click this link if you don’t see the player) and be sure to subscribe, rate, and review (Apple Podcasts) and follow…

Leading CEOs Share Key Learnings from 2020

Read Time1 Minute, 2 Second CEOs are responsible for guiding the path forward for their companies—whether it’s through their observance of important trends, their keen insights into the future, and even their ability to see what’s positive in the midst of great difficulty.  During Conversations for a Changing World, our digital event on Oct. 20, we heard from three insightful leaders: Nasdaq CEO Adena…

Phenom Wins Comparably Awards for Best Companies for Professional Development and Best CEOs for Women

PHILADELPHIA, July 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Phenom, the global leader in Talent Experience Management (TXM), today announced it was recognized as a Best Company for Professional Development and a Best CEO for Women by the 2020 Comparably Awards. The post Phenom Wins Comparably Awards for Best Companies for Professional Development and Best CEOs for Women appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Salesforce and Workday CEOs on Leading in Crisis

At the midpoint of 2020, the global community continues to battle a health crisis, an economic crisis, and a social justice crisis. In the face of this upheaval and uncertainty, business leaders are focused on the actions they hope lead to positive change. In a recent installment of a Salesforce series called “Leading Through Change,” Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff spoke to Workday Co-Founder and…

Do you have your CEOs cell phone number?

The world is moving pretty fast right now. Seems like you can’t step away from the news cycle for a minute without something new popping up and changing what we thought to be fact just seconds before. That’s why I found it refreshing this week when I read a story about Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick giving out his personal cell phone number to…

Why CEOs should spend up to half their time recruiting

This post was originally published on this site Hiring the right people may be the most important thing you do when you start a new company. But how much time should founders spend on hiring when there are so many other competing demands? Last week, we discussed team-building and several other issues during a panel on the Extra Crunch stage at Disrupt Berlin with…

Punish an Employee For a CEO’s Bad Behavior? Yes.

Or no? I waited for Uber for so long.  Despite being the largest city in Alabama, it took a while to get to Birmingham. However, as a frequent traveler, I’d gotten used to the convenience of Uber in a big, big way.  So, when Uber finally arrived in Birmingham early 2016 I did a triple-lindy. Then 2017 happened. Despite what I can only call…

The Hiring Secrets of Top CEOs

Every company, especially a large one, makes every effort to recruit the cream of the crop. However, even a skilled sourcer will experience problems hunting for the right applicant with whom the company will achieve short-term and long-term goals.

The Top 10 Strategic HR and TA Metrics That CEOs Want to See

Unfortunately, most of those who create metrics in HR and recruiting don’t really understand the strategic mindset of CEOs. And, as a result, the metrics that are reported to CEOs and the executive committee result in no positive action being taken. That is because CEOs are laser focused on the strategic goals of the organization.