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How Will Your Staffing Firm Celebrate National Customer Service Week?

Right now, we could all use a good reason to celebrate – and I have a great one: National Customer Service Week! This year, National Customer Service Week is October 5th through 9th. (Maybe not so coincidentally, it’s also my birthday!)  Besides giving us a much-needed dose of positivity, NCSW also provides opportunities to build your brand – and your business. How is your…

How White People Can Celebrate Black History

“Happy Black History Month!” Sometimes white people tiptoe around saying that. Wish you didn’t have to say it? Well, think about how black people feel. They probably don’t want to say it either. They probably wish that we learned about the history of everyone in this nation including African Americans. But nay, as a country we have failed to teach all of our country’s…

We Should All Celebrate a Touchdown

At one time in the NFL, excessive touchdown celebrations on the field were frowned upon by the league and penalized as unsportsmanlike conduct. Nonetheless several players and teams routinely defied this practice, creating their own celebration rituals like the Ickey Shuffle, the Lambeau Leap, and the infamous Dirty Bird, for which they were sometimes penalized when they were deemed to go “too far.”