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10 Recruitment Terms You Must Know

The recruitment industry has seen a complete transformation in the last few years. If you work in or are related to the recruitment field, you should be aware of the recruitment terms. In this article, I am sharing the top 10 recruitment terms that are commonly used in recruitment operations.

ROI on Candidate Experience

The way you treat your candidates sets a benchmark of how your organization will treat its employees. This is your first chance of attracting them towards your website. That’s why many organizations are looking for technology vendors who can help them shorten job search time for candidates and offer a positive candidate experience (CX). Download this whitepaper to know how you can save money…

Automated Recruiting and the Human Factor

Imagine recruitment without technology, your process is still manual, and automation is only an illusion. Let’s face it; you can never take the ‘human’ out of human resources. Many tasks, like creating a job description, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, etc., are done manually. But in the new age of automation, recruiters can take a breath of fresh air. Here in this blog, I am…

How to Provide a Great Candidate Experience While Working Remotely?

The recruitment process is changing its shape, especially after the pandemic hit the world. As organizations worldwide ask their employees to work from home, recruiters and talent acquisition teams are quickly adapting to an all-virtual world. But I believe one challenging part of an online recruiting process is providing top-notch candidate experience. Don’t you feel the same? In my blog, I am sharing a…

RChilli Celebrates 10 Years of Trust

RChilli is excited to share that it is celebrating its 10th work anniversary in October 2020. This occasion marks a moment of pride for the entire RChilli team. With its commitment to provide incredible user experience, the company continues to evolve and promises to offer future-ready products to its users.

The Truth About Increasing Your Applicant Traffic by 95%

Where are you looking for candidates, and which channels are bringing you the highest quality recruits? The recruitment landscape is evolving rapidly, which requires a change in market strategies. We have crossed that era where hr professionals have the luxury of cherry-picking from pools of active candidates. Now candidates choose to work with an organization when they are ready.

A Winning Combination: ATS and CRM

With the growing technology, the recruitment process is also evolving rapidly. It can be tough for us to keep up with the emerging platforms and trends gaining ground every day. Nowadays, the software is efficient enough to deliver expected results. With a single recruitment platform, organizations branch into discrete tools for different recruitment funnel stages.

Resume Parsing Technology- Top 7 Benchmarks for Comparing

Is your current resume parsing provider fulfilling all the benchmarks of the best resume parser? If you would like to automate your recruitment process and offer an amazing candidate experience, choosing the right technology is the key. Because using a solution provider that meets the standards, ensures higher ROI and productivity. Let me talk about the top 7 benchmarks that you must consider while…

Why is the “candidate experience” so important?

There are many open jobs in the market, but not enough people to fill those positions. Attracting the best hire for the organization is a challenging task for the recruiting manager. And during the hiring process, one thing they should never forget about great candidate experience. If you are looking for the best fit for the organization, you have to actively work on the…