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Drip and Nurture Marketing Campaigns for the Recruiter’s Toolbox

Recruiting and marketing have a lot  in common. For example, both are defined by prospects, pipelines, and leads. When creating good job descriptions, recruiters use language and techniques drawn directly from the marketing copywriter’s playbook. And professionals in both fields … The post Drip and Nurture Marketing Campaigns for the Recruiter’s Toolbox appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @TextRecruit Drip Campaigns Really Work!

Today on the Weekly Dose I review TextRecruit‘s new Drip Campaign feature that my team is actually really using! So, I don’t talk a lot about my tech stack, because I think it’s a real differentiator when it comes to running a staffing company. In fact, I’m fairly cocky about telling clients I know for a fact, my tech stack is better than theirs,…

5 of the Most Creative Recruiting Campaigns

We love a good recruitment marketing campaign. In a world where passive candidates are saturated by job ads that don’t really motivate them to take action, it’s always great to see the few campaigns out there that really pique the interest. With LinkedIn requests and emails, candidates have the option to ignore so some out-of-the-box thinking, so to garner their attention can go a long…