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Being Busy Is a Form of Laziness

Today I share a quick quip on productivity and refer to an old, but spot on blog post from Tim Ferris (the author of the 4 hour work week) about focusing on truly important work. Ferris: “If you consistently feel the counterproductive need for volume and doing lots of stuff, put these on a Post-it note: Being busy is a form of laziness–lazy thinking…

Career Confessions of Gen Z: Are We Too Busy For Fun?

A few weeks back I came across a video of a guy that put a giant ball pit downtown New York City to see if people were too busy to have fun. On that same day, I had a conversation with my fiance about how I always have a million things on my mind at once. None of which are ever fun things. It’s…

I Am Too Busy to Source; What Do I Do?

I hear this all too often from too many people in our industry that are a full desk, half desk, executive recruiter, etc. Well, what are you going to do about it other than work 80 hours a week only being paid for 40? Unless you are a glutton for punishment.

HR 101: How Technology Can Help You Automate the Busy Work

The role of technology in HR has changed tremendously over the years, especially with IT providers developing solutions specifically for the sector. Leveraging the right HR technology pays off, in terms of improved employee productivity and satisfaction, hiring efficiency, as well as savings in time and expense.

Laurie Ruettimann talks The Busy Trap, Revisited

One of the most important things I’ve ever read in my life is a short essay called “The Busy Trap” by Tim Kreider. (Have you read it? Read it right now.) Kreider is a writer who finds himself too busy to write. He forces himself into a state of solitude and contemplation and reaffirms a crucial principle to himself: Life is too short to be…