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Budgeting Yourself to Below Average Recruiting

I was with a great group of TA leaders this week at the ATAP annual board meeting. One of my colleagues made a comment during a break: “You can’t budget yourself to great TA” A Great TA Leader Once Said Meaning, if you keep cutting your TA budget year after year, eventually your tech is going to be so dated, or behind the times,…

How HR Can Make Budgeting More Precise

Our customers sometimes tell us the stories that led them to seek out a workforce intelligence solution. One such story clearly describes a core inefficiency that is common to many companies. At this company, the leadership team wanted to develop a new product line and asked finance if they could afford the startup costs. Finance’s response was that there was no money to spare….

Budgeting Comp For a Blended Workforce

One of the key missions of a CHRO (or those who want to become CHROs) is to create a compensation plan. This has become increasingly complicated and dependent on other departments (like procurement) as the workforce has drifted to a more contingent/permanent blend.