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Sick of Bad Bosses? Here Are 4 Things Great Managers Do

Ever come across an article or blog post somewhere that you just have to drop everything for? That’s how it was when I came across an article from Gallup titled 8 Behaviors of the World’s Best Managers. One good thing about Gallup: It’s a rare oasis of balanced (aka, non-political) news and analysis in a Mojave desert-sized wilderness of agenda-driven content. Known primarily for…

Lessons On Leadership from My Bad Boss(es)

Need a conversation prompt? Just say, “I hate my boss.” Add a swear for emphasis, some name-calling if that makes you feel better. That phrase usually starts an echo around a table or at a bar. A lot of “me too” and “oh, you should meet mine.” Then everyone starts to recite all of the oh-so-obvious ways that their managers have entirely failed at…

Bosses Behaving Badly: When Integrity Matters Most

How many of us have seen our leaders (C-Suite, bosses, the ivory tower, “the brass”) abandon their integrity when the going gets rough? Maybe they decided to cut salaries to shed costs without cutting their own, or they identified a sacrificial lamb to take the fall for what was their mistake. Perhaps they simply elected to flat out lie to people about the order…

What Do You Do When Bosses Go Wild?

“I see the classic image of the boss as a total anachronism. It may work in certain connotations like ‘organized crime boss,’ ‘union boss,’ or ‘pit boss.’ But being bossy per se is not an attribute that I have ever seen as desirable in a manager or anyone else for that matter.”

Nine in ten bosses vet applicants on Facebook

This includes spotting use of profanities, spelling and grammar mistakes, illegal drug references, sexual posts and mention of alcohol use. The findings were revealed by recruiting software company, Jobvite, which surveyed 1,855 human resources …

Are You Happy at Work? Bosses Push Weekly Polls

The companies may pay about $50 a month or anywhere from $15 to $100 per employee for pulse-survey tools, administered by new firms such as knowyourcompany.com, TinyPulse, 15Five, BlackbookHR and Niko Niko, as well as established survey …

11 questions leaders should ask themselves

Holding yourself accountable means regular reflection about your ability to lead your team, to drive change and to align your day-to-day work with your values and passions, Art Petty writes. “And if the answers are less than ideal for you, take action,” Petty advises.

7 reasons your boss hates you

The truth is, I don’t hate any of my employees. I only hire people I really like. Yet, over the years, I’ve certainly seen a few behaviors that have ticked me off. Here are seven of them.