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Best Job Boards for Tech Talent

Looking to hire tech talent? Try these 10 favorites. AuthenticJobs.com Angel.co Built In Dice.com F6S.com Hired.com Relocate.me Stack Overflow White Truffle Venture Loop The post Best Job Boards for Tech Talent appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Reverse job boards taking off?

Member only content. I started seeing ads on Facebook for… You must be a member in to view this content. Login or Join Up. The … The post Reverse job boards taking off? appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

How Is Managing Multiple Job Boards Different than Using a Job Ad Exchange?

A job ad exchange allows companies to connect to hundreds or even thousands of candidate sources – some large general job boards to some very niche sites.  At times, it might seem like the current program your company is using, which probably involves working with a handful of job boards, is basically doing the same thing. It makes sense, place multiple bets by using…

Where Do Job Boards Get Candidates?

When asked, most recruiters tend to believe that the majority of candidates start their job search by searching for jobs on a job board and then apply to those jobs. In reality, candidates have a more interesting journey. Data suggests that nearly 60% of applications for candidates start not at a job board but in a person’s email. Job alerts. Job sites and other…

Talkin’ Job Boards

I was a guest on the Recruitment Flex podcast along with Jeff Dickey-Chasins talking all things job boards. Take a listen. We talk a lot about surviving, Indeed, Zip, Monster and more. The post Talkin’ Job Boards appeared first on Job Board Consulting – job board consultant. The post Talkin’ Job Boards appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Chatbots for Job Boards

I think chatbots are a good tactic to use on most web sites as another channel for engagement, customer service and marketing. Perhaps not if you only run your board on the side, but if you work on it full time consider adding a chatbot to the mix. Here’s a list of them. The job board below does a good job at describing how…

Layoffs Starting to Hit Major Job Boards

Last Friday was a dark day at ZipRecruiter based in Santa Monica, California. The company reportedly let go 900 of its 1,600 employees. Former employees reached out on LinkedIn through various posts. As the economy goes, so does the success of job boards. The vast majority of employers have frozen hiring or have begun to furlough or layoff staff. This is going to be…

Business Models for Job Boards

This post was originally published on this site Jobiqo has published a new ebook detailing the 6 different business models of job boards. It’s a good primer on how job boards make money. In this video I discuss the ebook with their UK Managing Director, Richard Essex. Download the ebook here. The post Business Models for Job Boards appeared first on Job Board Consulting…