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Did HR Blogging “Jump the Shark”?

For those not in the know, the term “Jump the Shark” originated when the character Fonzie, on the TV show Happy Days, water-skied over a shark. I know, pretty far-fetched, even for this over-the-top hit series that ruled the airwaves in the 1970s. Others refer to Bobby Ewing and the famous shower scene from the TV soap “Dallas” as the first Jump the Shark…

HR Blogging is about making HR Connections #UltiConnect

An HR friend of mine, Cheryl Nelson, and I are out at Ultimate Connections, Ultimate Software’s annual user conference. I twisted her arm to get her on video because she just started writing her own HR blog after reading hundreds of my posts! Cheryl’s new blog is called “Kolor Me HR” check it out. Cheryl is a real-life HR leader/Pro who is in the…

Dawn Burke Dishes Out The Rules of HR Blogging (If There Are Any)

People ask me a lot what it takes to be a blogger (fancy people say writer).  They want to know what the rules are to write great posts.  I have a four word answer: Be authentic and consistent. Other than that, there aren’t any rules.  Write what you want. If you mispell a word — unless it is a post about spelling, who gives a crap…

LinkedIn unveils its new blogging platform

LinkedIn has rolled out a new version of LinkedIn Publishing. Its intention is to enable its posters to reach and better engage with their audience. Over 450 million of us use LinkedIn, and almost three million people have used the interface to post.

Why Having a Blog Can Jumpstart Your Career

Can a personal blog help you in other ways? The answer to that question is an absolute yes. The way that companies and their managers screen potential employees has changed a great deal, and your blog could rocket you to the top of the candidate pile.

How to Motivate Employees to Blog

Getting employees excited about a new corporate blog for which there’s no traffic is not easy. Get it going and keep it going by creating internal gamification and peer pressure to participate.