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[DRAFT] Pride Month Blog Article

[DRAFT] Pride Month Blog Articleandrew.taylor Thu, 06/24/2021 – 12:00 TEST On UKG Blog Belonging, Diversity, and Equity Jarrod HardenCommunity Engagement Manager As a firm believer … The post [DRAFT] Pride Month Blog Article appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

How can you get your blog in front of more prospects?

 The following transcript was taken from InSights, a staffing and recruiting podcast from Haley Marketing dedicated to providing quick-hitting takeaways on Digital Marketing and … The post How can you get your blog in front of more prospects? appeared first on HR Tech Feed.

Top 10 Workday Blog Articles of 2020

Read Time1 Minute, 2 Second Oh, 2020. It’s been a year of great loss, stark realities, and hard lessons. Yet the year also brought more awareness around social injustice and the importance of inclusion. And, we’ve learned how to adapt to the “new normal” created by the pandemic, while discovering we have more capacity for resilience than we may have realized—both personally and professionally. …

Should I remove old blog content from my website?

Read Time3 Minute, 15 Second In some cases, old blogs can contain outdated and no longer relevant information. In those cases, it probably does make sense to remove those posts.  But for many blogs, old content can still be relevant, and more importantly, may still drive a LOT of traffic to your website. So how should you decide what blogs to remove and what…

My Wife Approves of this Blog Post! (And we have a rule I can’t write about her!)

Around Mother’s Day, the PR folks at Salary.com sent me an infographic. (Editor’s Note: please do not take this as an invitation to send me your infographic! I get at least one per day. I know it’s your job to push these onto people in hopes they’ll publish and you’ll get SEO, but most of them are awful. Yes, you’re is awful!) This salary.com piece caught my…

How to Monetize Your Blog in 2016

Here’s the model for monetizing your blog in 2016. First, you need to write. Under your name. With the dot com. Anything else is a waste of time. If your domain isn’t available, bribe the hell out of the person who owns it. Then you write. A lot. Like it’s your job. Then you ask people to give you their email addresses so you…

A Template for Boring B2B Blog Posts.

So, you want to write a B2B blog? While it sounds like a lot of work, in fact, it requires little more than following a few simple rules to make sure that you say stuff without saying anything, never offend a client or customer even a little tiny bit, and trying to push a product […]