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Remote Work Is Sinking In: And The Impact Is Bigger Than We Realized

We’ve been studying the impact of Remote Work from the crisis and the well is deepening. Not only are companies getting comfortable with the practice, but a whole new set of issues has emerged. Let me give you a peek (this is data from our www.covidhrpulse.com, our bi-weekly study of HR professionals’ response to … Read more» The post Remote Work Is Sinking In:…

ZipRecruiter moves to bigger, former Google space

ZipRecruiter has outgrown its offices and opened new headquarters in Santa Monica in space once occupied by Google, to house about 400 employees. The rapidly growing employment marketplace also expanded its offices in Tempe, Arizona and Tel Aviv, Israel in the past 18 months. The post ZipRecruiter moves to bigger, former Google space appeared first on AIM Group.

Is Love intrinsically bigger than Fear?

The most famous quote from Machiavelli’s book “The Prince” is: “Better to be feared than loved, if you cannot be both.” Uh, oh, Tim is quoting Machiavelli, this blog has jumped the shark! I heard this quote recently on the HR conference circuit. HR speakers seem to come in two types: 1. Love is bigger than fear. This is popular and most fall into…