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RChilli Resume Parser is available on Salesforce AppExchange

RChilli Resume Parser is available on Salesforce AppExchange. It automates applicant resume data extraction & storing it in the Salesforce platform. At RChilli, we are committed to providing ease of use of our services. This AppExchange solution will make us closer to the companies who are using or intending to use Salesforce as their recruiting platform.

Parse Scanned Resumes With RChilli OCR Technology

Recently RChilli has included Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to scan the printed document and digitize the whole text with its resume parser. It is an add-on process. It converts the various format documents (scanned copies, images, pdf-files, etc.) into editable and searchable formats. Explore more about this add-on.

Common Challenges Often Lead to Creative Solutions

In the recruitment industry, it is not all honey-and-milk. There are ‘n’ numbers of recruitment challenges that can wreak havoc and leave recruiters wondering where they went wrong. The perfect day for a recruiter looks something like this: You come to the office, have a cup of coffee, sit on your desk and check your email. Out of 20 candidates you’ve contacted, 17 wrote…

RChilli Resume Parser in Salesforce to Save Upto 89% of Recruiter’s Time

We understand that manual resume data entry can be one of the biggest challenges for you. Manually filling in details of the candidates from their resumes in Salesforce not only takes a lot of time of recruiters but also results in incorrect entries, missing information, etc. RChilli resume parser in Salesforce to help Salesforce users automate their resume data extraction process and save up…

3 HR Technology Trend To Monitor in 2021

2019 has forever left its mark on the way we live and work due to COVID-19. Embracing new technology and raising expectations of business purpose has become paramount. Though we live through the pandemic when publishing this blog, we need to start preparing for a post-COVID-19 world. Let’s go through the below points in which we will reflect on 3 HR trends we are…

Top 5 Aspects of the Recruitment Process for HR Managers

The recruitment process appears to be one of the significant responsibilities of HR departments. However, the intense work of these guys does not end with signing a contract with a new employee. Employee engagement, development, onboarding, training, statutory compliance, data management, and numerous others activities require attention and effort. Let’s check top 5 aspects of the recruitment process for HR managers to become more…

PeopleStrong Delivered Better Value with RChilli Resume Parser to its Customers

PeopleStrong was looking for a partner who could bring in automation into their process so that the recruiter would not have to leave their product landscape. RChilli resume parser helps PeopleStrong by effectively parsing resumes in real-time and enhances their user experience by providing structured data. Download this case study to know how PeopleStrong now delivers better value to its customers.

Which 3 Benefits Does Just Recruit Get from RChilli?

Someone has rightly said that the customer is the king. At RChilli, we believe in the same and give priority to the customers. One of our core values is ‘Customer Delight and Customer Loyalty’. We remain committed to this core value since our inception. This is the reason that today, we are serving more than 1600 customers in 34+ countries, and the number is…