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ASA’s Annual Economic Analysis of 2020: 5 Takeaways

Read Time5 Minute, 52 Second By Lynn Connor, COATS Staffing Software The American Staffing Associations annual economic analysis or “playbook” of 2020 is very well done, complete with charts and graphs, figures and key takeaways.  I found the new hires and job openings graph, the labor participation rate, the GDP,  Staffing Index and employee turnover chart most interesting and provided key takeaways to share….

xP&A: All You Need To Know About Extended Planning & Analysis

Read Time1 Minute, 10 Second xP&A stands for extended planning and analysis—taking the best of modern finance planning and extending it across the enterprise. But it’s not new. For years, it has been known as company-wide planning. Finance leaders whose organizations have been made more agile and strategic with modern planning and analysis have known for years that their approach to planning can transform other…

Workday Named a Leader in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions

Read Time1 Minute, 1 Second At no time has agility been more vital for businesses everywhere, as they try to find a foothold amid the global disruption of the COVID-19 pandemic. Key to this effort is modern planning, which has become a business imperative because of what it offers: the ability to build multiple scenarios and select the best course of action; the analytics…

Trends Analysis: The Hidden Traps of Hiring During a Recession

Negative economic news impacts how job seekers make career decisions. And this decade certainly started off with plenty of negative economic news. For companies looking to hire, this dynamic presents challenges. There’s an upside, however. Navigating those challenges requires the same fundamental skills and tools as hiring during an economic boom would require. Here’s a look at how economic downturns translate to candidate behaviors…

The Surprising Tech of Facial Analysis

Seemingly out of nowhere computers have learned to read human emotion from our faces. We can expect that any weaknesses this technology has now, in terms of accuracy or cost, will quickly erode as the technology advances. Marketing is interested in this technology to learn more about customers; HR is interested in using this tech for screening candidates.