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The Productivity Advice HR Professionals Should Ignore

Google “productivity advice,” and you’ll see thousands of articles offering tips on how to get more done in a day at the office. Almost every single one of them recommends only checking email at predetermined times to prevent incoming messages from distracting you from the task at hand.

Lifesaving Advice I Gave My Son When Someone Starts Shooting At His School

Last night I had to sit my 14-year-old son down and have “the ‘talk”. It was uncomfortable, it should be, having “the talk” is never easy for parents and their kids. Unfortunately, this wasn’t “the talk” I thought I would be having with him. This talk was about what he needed to do to stay alive when a shooter comes into his school and…

2018 HR Advice:  Let The Force Be With You; Control Your Destiny.

First and foremost — I’m not going to give away any Star Wars: The Last Jedi spoilers.  Exhale.   If you’ve read any non-spoiler piece about TLJ, you know significant themes of the movie include examining the past, distinguishing nostalgia from fact, and exploring when the past needs to be just that… the past.  Human conundrums, indeed. And to make things more interesting, these…

Our Companies Are Sick. #1 Advice on How to Get Well? Fire.Them.All.

Bad management is a chronic corporate illness. And it’s an epidemic. Bad management reproduces quickly in today’s world because in many cases (especially in public companies) performance is measured on a quarter to quarter basis and some of the fastest ways to achieve short-term goals is through fear and intimidation. And managers who use those arcane techniques are the people who get promoted faster,…

Career Advice That Actually Sucks

Everyone thinks they’re an expert on Career Advice! My favorite career advice folks are the bloggers who haven’t had a real job except for blogging in like a decade! I’m mean, clearly, your career was kicking you in the ass, why should I listen to you about advice in my career!? But, that’s just one group. Career advice is like bad opinions, everyone has…

Advice For New Managers

Good leadership is  essential for any successful company, but it’s not always easy for junior or first-time managers to adapt to their role. Many times, leaders look back on their career and have a whole host of new insights and knowledge they wish they’d known from the beginning.

From Gen X to Gen Z….7 Pieces of Advice on your Graduation

Graduation is weighing heavily on my mind this week. Like many of you, we are celebrating as my oldest graduates from college on Saturday. It’s one of those moments where you reflect back….for me to her high school graduation. Thinking of who joined us to celebrate, how I bargained for tickets to the ceremony, and all the hopes and dreams we had for her…

Are You Sharing Your Best Advice?

I was fresh out of college and had just started my first recruiting job at a staffing company. There was so much to learn, and the other more tenured recruiters around me looked so busy. The excitement of my first job quickly turned into the reality of a steep learning curve. I’d see my manager walk into the office, and I’d stop what I…

Advice for A New Leader On Day One

Editor’s note: Brian Fetherstonhaugh is chairman and CEO of OgilvyOne Worldwide, a 5,000+ person digital marketing company. The following is an excerpt from his new book, The Long View: Career Strategies to Start Strong, Reach High, and Go Far.

The Good Wife’s Guide: Straight Talk About Shit Advice.

There is so much dumb on the internet. I see it when my husband falls into these YouTube holes – you know one the one video after another of frat boy antics and beer drinking advice or cats terrified of cucumbers. It’s mostly harmless I suppose, so sometimes I watch and laugh along with him. Dumb, but relatively benign. He’s not the only one….