SHRM 2013 Survival Guide [infographic]

This year marks the 65th annual SHRM Conference and the O.C. Tanner team is excited to once again participate. We asked our SHRM veterans (some of whom have been attending for decades) what they would recommend for first time attendees and this is their list of must-have items:

Comfortable Shoes:
You will be standing or walking for hours. That small heel that seemed like a good idea in the morning will be your worst enemy by the end of the day.

Bring a sweater, scarf, or light jacket for those transitions between the warm summer air and conference center air conditioning.

A water bottle…or two:
The conference center air is dry and drinking fountains can be a long walk from where you are.

Business cards and a pen:
Even though your badge can be scanned, pack some business cards for people or companies you would like to be in touch with immediately or that former colleague you run into in the hallway.

A plan:
Identify your priorities for the event—which keynotes and sessions can’t be missed? Which exhibitors are must-sees? Who do you want to meet with? Be realistic about what can be done in a single day and make sure to get the important stuff out of the way as early as possible.

Battery packs:
With more than 20,000 people at the event, charging stations and power outlets are in high demand. Bring an extra battery pack for your smart phone, tablet, or laptop to last you through the day.

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