Select Your Managers Carefully and Empower Them to Build the Best Team 

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To receive a promotion from individual contributor to manager is one of the most rewarding events in a person’s professional life.  It likely means that you excelled in your previous role and show significant potential to be a leader in the business.  In retail automotive, holding a sales or service management role is a necessary step in one’s journey to lead, or even own, an entire dealership.

Because of the responsibilities and far-reaching implications management entails, a dealer should take its decision to promote an individual sales or service employee into management very seriously.  Unfortunately, dealer leadership oftentimes will award management promotions solely based on the merits of one’s individual accomplishments.  Other times, promotions boil down to a matter of tenure and industry or dealership experience.  Simply promoting someone to a manager role based on past accomplishments and experience alone is not a recipe for success.

What’s more, most new managers — across all industries — do not receive any formal recruitment or interview training. Even if a dealership properly vetted an employee for managerial skills, such as empathy, leadership, conflict solving, etc., managers are typically left on their own to figure out best practices for attracting, selecting, and onboarding

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