SAP SuccessFactors Non-EC BizX – LMS Data Purge using DRTM

Data Purge is an activity where you remove the redundant/obsolete data from system; whereas, Data Retention Time Management is based on a retention period configuration where data only purges after the required/configured retention time has passed.

Both types of purge requests can be found in the Data Retention Management feature and can be used for data protection and privacy as required.

You can find more details about all different types of purge requests in the implementation guide.

Here, I will be focusing on only one of them i.e. Non EC BizX-LMS system setup.

Now, there may be different reasons which you might need to understand for any data purge activity. For example, it may be simply removing old data which is no longer needed by your client or some activities at client’s end leading to company restructuring, etc. Whichever the case may be, based on my experience, I would recommend you to follow this blog if you land in a similar space.

Before we get start, below is the suggested high-level process:

High-level Process (end-to-end)

Once all of the initial agreement is agreed between you (SAP Partner) and the client, following are specifically required for the scenario we

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