Safest Door Locks For Your Home

Most homeowners might not be aware of the fact that door locks are usually designed for either exterior or interior doors. This is because the locking mechanisms of exterior and interior doors are quite different. For instance, deadbolt door locks are used more on front or entry doors of houses while push-button locks are a better option for using in bathroom doors.

This is mainly because entry or front doors of houses require greater security as compared to bathroom doors and other interior doors. If you are unable to decide about the safest door lock for your home, then it is best to consult a professional home lock replacement service provider.

Homeowners usually consider factors like cost, style, safety, and security when they are selecting doors for their homes. However, the expert locksmiths from a home lock replacement service might suggest you to put more emphasis on security when choosing exterior doors. Here are some of the safety door lock options available in the market that might help you to find the right lock for exterior door of your home.

Deadbolt Door Locks

Deadbolt locks are one of the best and safest residential door locks available out there. These types of locks do not contain any springs, which is why they are named deadbolt locks. Deadbolt locks can be divided into two categories and they are double-cylindrical or single-cylinder locks.

Double cylindrical locks make use of keys on both outside and inside while single cylinder locks can be opened by using a single key on the outside. If you want to ensure greater home security, then it is best to opt for double cylindrical deadbolt door locks over other options.

Keyless Door Locks

The primary aim of keyless door locks is to offer advanced and higher security to houses. Most keyless door locks are equipped with an anti-theft rolling code, which will be used only once. Certain types of keyless door locks come with alarm systems to alert the homeowner if anything goes wrong.

For instance, if someone tries to gain access to your home by guessing the code, then the alarm system will go off when three consecutive wrong entries are made. These types of door locks are specifically designed for use in home security systems.

Entry/Handlesets Locksets

Entry or handlesets locksets are designed to provide medium-level security to homes, and they can be found on the front doors of several homes in the country. These types of locks are sometimes used with deadbolt door locks for ensuring higher security. So, homeowners who want to ensure an optimum level of security should consider using entry locksets along with deadbolt door locks.

Two separate door knobs are included with entry or handlesets locksets. One of the door knobs is used on the inside while the other one is used on the outside. Another interesting aspect of these types of locksets is that they usually come with attractive door handles that will enable homeowners to increase their door’s appeal.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are another type of safe lock available in the market, which ensures higher convenience and security to homeowners. These types of locks can be often seen on storm doors. Mortise locks are built with a rectangular box, which can be fitted into the recess of a door.

These types of locks are also equipped with faceplates and keyholes. Homeowners who are planning to buy mortise locks should know that the latch of these locks will work on both sides. Get in touch with a reputed home lock replacement service to know more about the safest door locks.

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