Report: 91% of U.S. employers say digitization will increase or maintain headcount

MILWAUKEE, May 8, 2018 — Technology is rapidly transforming organizations and companies will need more people in the near-term to meet the demand stimulated by automation, not less, according to ManpowerGroup. The new report — Robots Need Not Apply: Human Solutions in the Skills Revolution — surveyed 2,000 U.S. employers and found that 91% will maintain or increase headcount in the next two to three years as industries shift to more advanced, automated processes. The report provides a real-time view of the impact of automation on headcount, the functions most affected and the soft skills that are both of greatest value and hardest to find. “Digitization will impact every industry in the U.S. creating new jobs that require different skills,” said Becky Frankiewicz, ManpowerGroup North America President. “Our research shows this is good news for people, provided they are ready to upskill and reskill for a world of work that is more digital and fast paced than ever before. Savvy

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