Recruiting Shifts We Can’t Ignore as we Move into 2021

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2020 has been a hectic year and 2021 is fast approaching. Which now begs the question: what recruiting shifts happened this year that we can expect to see more of moving forward, and how can we plan for that?

In case you missed it, we recently held a webinar on 9 recruitment shifts in 2020 that are here to stay in 2021. So, here are some trends we anticipate more of moving forward:

Good candidates having a good candidate experience

Is your organization having a positive impact on your job seekers’ ability to become candidates? Are you optimized for a mobile application process? Read our blog on how to support and measure your candidate experience

Your employer brand still matters (now and always)

Job seekers are researching what people say about your organization. People remember first impressions especially when it’s a positive one. What do your Glassdoor ratings say? Is your website portraying the message you want? Candidates are looking at these so it’s important to see how you view yourselves as a company. 

There are ideal days to reach job seekers

Historically Monday’s were more popular days for applications, however, data is demonstrating that there are ideal days

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