Recruiters Should Like This ‘Tinder for Networking’ App

After seeing an ad for it in my Facebook feed I decided to download an app called Shapr. It promises to help you network with people who are similar to you. Best of all, it only wants you to use it for 1 minute each day so its not a time suck. The app would be a help to recruiters and sourcers because it can help you connect with people in your location that match your interests. There is no search functionality but you can enter up to 10 interests (aka keywords) that are used to match you with people in your area. My profile is below. I set it up by using my LinkedIn profile and added my interests. Once I had my profile setup which took just a few minutes the app than began showing me related people near me. The bad news for me though was that I got mostly people from New York City, even though I live in Connecticut. The big cities probably have more users it seems. Shapr lets you Pass or Meet suggested people in a Tinder like interface. Once you select someone via the ‘Meet’

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