Reader Q&A: Attracting Students

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A reader asked me about how to attract students to his job board.

Q – How do you manage to get emails from students and future graduates? Currently, I’m doing a search on Linkedin, I manage to get registrations by direct contact in Linkedin. But I’m curious if there are other ways to get future graduates with  large mesh.

There is a competitor, big site:, which has managed to capture students by giving for example to universities its website, to make it their career center. But for my site “” which is just starting up, I think it’s early to do the same.

A – Partnering with Universities is an excellent way to capture the attention of students and college grads to your job site. A number of startups here in the U.S. have leveraged this strategy to great success. is a good example. They hired students to be brand ambassadors on campus. You should also try to contact the college career center staff and establish relationships with them. Ask them to add you to their list of online resources.

Beyond that, one suggestion I have is to hire a virtual assistant to reach out to students &

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