RChilli Introduces RScript to Shorten Parsing Integration Time

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RChilli is welcoming 2021 with an innovative concept. It is introducing a web plugin that will shorten a resume parser’s integration time to just two minutes from two hours. Known as RScript, it will change the way a resume parsing software is being used. 

Generally, the users need an API call to start integration with the parser. But this plugin uses Javascript to integrate and parse resumes. Thus, users do not need to spend hours on API integration. Simply parse resumes using javascript and see the results in a few minutes. 

With this concept, RChilli has become a pioneer in integrating a resume parser through Javascript. It acts as a disruptor in the HR Tech industry by challenging the use of APIs and bringing a major shift in the integration process.

We are living in a world of automation. The latest technology is introducing new tools and solutions to automate every process. This concept is designed to ensure that the users can start using a resume parser in less than two minutes. 

RScript uses a 2-minutes integration formula to deliver parsed results in mapped fields. 

All the users need to do is:

Choose the URL or HTML

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