Q&A with Said Eastman from JobsInTheUS

Job boards don’t stick around long unless they are doing something right. Case in point is JobsInTheUS.com a local job network based in Maine. They’ve been around for 18+ years and are still going strong. I caught up with their new General Manager for a quick Q&A. They are also our newest sponsor. Who is JobsInTheUS? JobsInTheUS (aka JiUS) is a network of 51 hyperlocal state job boards including DC. They’re all aggregated onto JobsInTheUS.com which is our performance based recruiting site and national job search engine. We’ve been online since 1999 and are headquartered in Portland, Maine where we got our start. As one of the first ever local job networks we strive to maintain a local job search experience and are known for our dedicated customer service. When did you join the company and why? I joined JobsInTheUS as CEO/GM in 2016. My experience in the uber generalist job board world led me to believe that the hyperlocal model is a great way to grow this business organically and more

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