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There are lots of niche job boards online that serve a unique segment of the job market. RanchWork.com is one of those sites.

Their site just underwent a WordPress redesign and I love their new look. Owner Peter Askew offered to answer some questions from me over email and today’s post is all about their site and past success. Give it a read.

1. When did you start your site and what kind of traffic do you get monthly?

RanchWork.com was originally founded in 1998 by David McCollough of GuestRanches.com. I partnered with him in 2013 to re-launch the site with an updated job board theme operating on WordPress. In 2017 I fully acquired the site from David.

Regarding traffic, we currently receive over 40,000 visits a month on average. We’ve been fortunate, as the name became a brand over the years due to our persistence & dedication posting jobs on a regular basis. Because of this, a large percentage of our traffic visit us directly each day – usually over 30%.

2. I see you run Adsense, can you share what kind of revenue you make from that? Are you a six figure job board overall?

We’re not

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