Proactively Sourcing Candidates: How to Stand Out

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Sourcing candidates and all the efforts that go along with it by talent acquisition agents, recruiters, and human resource workers is critical to getting the best jobseekers into the building (or on virtual chat) for that initial interview.


Sourcing candidates effectively requires a holistic understanding of job visibility strategy and talent acquisition capabilities. But it isn’t easy! People are busy. Inboxes are full. It’s not hard for your message to get lost.


So how can you make your messaging stand out as you are sourcing candidates for your positions?


In this article, we will be discussing some tips and strategies to take in regards to how to source job candidates in a timely and proactive fashion by forging a symbiotic relationship between talent acquisition efforts with well-optimized online job posts. 


Sourcing Candidates: What to Know


Poorly-Optimized Online Job Posts Waste Time, Money, And Effort


First, let’s start with the basics: if you have quality candidates coming from inbound sources in the first place, you shouldn’t need to do too much proactive sourcing of candidates in the first place.


Unfortunately, it happens. So let’s cover that point first — optimize your job posts

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