Pipeline Helps You Find More Tech Sales Peeps

Pipeline Labs, run by Sean McGuigan wants to help you source more technical sales talent. It’s been around for over a year now and I asked their founder a few questions over email. What is your background and why did you start Pipeline? I’ve been in sales for 15+ years, my entire career. I’ve seen first hand the emergence of the Modern Sales Professional. These are sales reps that are at home in a digital environment. They understand the new buying process and where to reach prospects. They also use the latest tools to track sales and communicate with clients. This combination gives the Modern Sales Rep an advantage over a traditional sales rep, who may not be familiar with the language, tools or tactics of today’s digital landscape. I’ve also noticed companies are in dire need of this new sales talent, but there are no platforms where these two groups can meet and discover each other. Pipeline was created to connect tech sales talent with tech companies. What are the main advantages

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