Personalized User Experiences and Why They Matter

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Whether it’s a physical tool, like a hammer, or a digital tool, like Avature, tools are just instruments designed to extend the abilities of users. This means that they’re only as good as the ability of people to use them comfortably and appropriately.

And just like carpenters choose their tools based on the job at hand, you need digital solutions that adapt to the needs of your business and employees. UX design is to digital tools what ergonomics are to traditional tools.

This means we don’t start by thinking about what the tool should be capable of, instead our design process begins by asking ourselves what a particular type of user wants to do, when they need to do it and how we can help them accomplish their goals faster and more reliably.

Hence why Avature has a customer-driven roadmap. Nobody can provide us with better answers to those questions than our own clients.

Tailored for Each Recruiting Stakeholder

This design philosophy bleeds into everything we do. We created a hiring manager portal because we understand that what hiring managers need is very different from what recruiters need.

For recruiters, our platform is at the center of everything they do

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