Mobile Recruiting: Not Just a Luxury Anymore

On the subject of mobile recruiting, 83.9% of staffing professionals who took our survey thought mobile access to their ATS/CRM system was important (compared to 80% in 2011). The general trend is that salespeople are spending more time out of the office meeting with client prospects and other stakeholders. The data suggests that the reason for this is increased access to mobile technology, which allows salespeople to attend and be better prepared for face-to-face meetings at networking events.

72% of sales-focused respondents spent more than 10% of their time out of the office in meetings in 2012, compared to 58% who did so in 2011. That’s a sizeable increase. This is much higher than the average across all respondents (including recruiters), in which only 49% spent more than ten percent of their time outside the office, indicating that salespeople are taking advantage of advances in mobile technology that enable them to be both productive and untethered.

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