LocalJobNetwork Rebrands as Circa

LocalJobNetwork, a company which operates 600+ local job boards has announced a rebrand as Circa.

The company’s research shows that employers are shifting from diversity as a program to diversity as a business strategy. This repositioning better aligns its products and solutions to a core underlying diversity mission. 

Circa’s new mission states that diverse teams have the power to transform business and has substantial supporting data. According to a McKinsey study, teams with racial, ethnic and gender diversity, have on a national average 33% higher performance. And there’s more. The Harvard Business Review denotes 19% higher revenues for companies with above average total diversity.

For organizations, especially OFCCP federal contractors, diversity is no longer about checking a box. It’s about generating results. Circa’s diversity recruiting technology and outreach management platform focus on job seekers from racial, ethnic, minority, veteran and disabled groups, giving companies solutions to find, hire and manage diverse workers. 

“Diversity of thought, talent and team is often the determining factor between companies that lead their category and those that are left behind,” said Patrick Sheahan, CEO of Circa. “Technology advancements have brought people worldwide closer together and revealed cultural uniqueness. It is proven that through diversity, we are given the opportunity

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