Launching the Workday Learning Center, Powered by Extended Enterprise

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At Workday, we strive to deliver a great customer experience. And for many of our users, taking product training is their first experience with us. That’s why starting  Dec. 14, customers will be able to access our world-class training content using the Workday Learning Center, powered by Extended Enterprise.

We recently spoke with Jeff McClure, vice president of education at Workday, about the benefits this will bring for our users.

Can you give us an overview of what the Workday Education team does?

The Workday Education team helps our customers and partners learn how to configure, administer, and use the Workday service and applications. We train the people who are responsible for Workday at their organization, along with consultants. 

As a training organization, we conduct over one million transactions per year and nearly 4,100 live, global training sessions. We have approximately 85,000 extended learners in our current system and 54 certification programs available to our ecosystem of partners and customers. 

And in addition to over 13,000 certified resources in the Workday ecosystem, we’ve had more than 2,000 learners complete over 3,000 accreditations through Workday Pro. This is our customer accreditation program that trains individuals to obtain a similar level of

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