Is Settling for a Job a Good or Bad Career Move?

There are two ways of thinking about settling for any old job that comes your way. On the plus side, it’s important to at least be employed and be challenged in ways you may not have anticipated. The downside, however, is that you may find yourself on a career path that leaves you floundering and feeling unfulfilled.

How should a job-seeker know when to take a not-so-perfect job or when to pass it by? There are no clear-cut answers, but there are many things to think about when you consider settling for a job that’s not of your dreams.

When Settling Is a Good Idea

When bills are rolling in and the pressure’s on, you may feel obligated to take the first job that comes your way. Sometimes, this is a good idea. You don’t want to end up in debt, which will surely kill your dreams. As long as you have a steady paycheck, you have the freedom to keep reaching for your goals. Settling also forces you to be flexible. Don’t let stubbornness keep you in a box and closed off to other options. Being flexible and adapting to unexpected situations are very good tools to have at your disposal.

It’s important to focus on the positives of a job that pays the bills. According to a web design company in Lancaster, PA, it can be a great confidence builder to take on work you may not have anticipated. It proves that you can succeed at difficult tasks and can improve your skills in your career of choice. After all, you’re still learning and growing. There are some skills, like working with a team or meeting deadlines, that can transfer to whatever job you are striving for.

Keep this in mind: As long as you at least have a job and a paycheck, you can still keep looking for your dream job. Your options are always open and the pressure is off. Consider your “settled-for” job as a stepping stone on your career path and an opportunity to grow your skills and networks.

When to Keep Reaching for Your Dreams

Let’s say you still have a job but are looking for a new one. With no financial pressure on you, there’s no need to take the first offer that comes your way. Jumping ship when the new job is not all that you want is not a good career move. You know what your goals are; it’s important to keep them in mind and hold out for what’s best for you, and not what’s convenient.

Listen to your intuition. If you get bad vibes during a job interview for what you consider a great opportunity, then it may not be the right match for you. If managers are rude or co-workers seem unhappy, things will certainly not improve once you come onboard. Pass up a job that doesn’t feel right to you, because you certainly don’t want to end up feeling trapped in an unpleasant situation. Trust that better things are out there.

You also don’t want to have your dreams crushed by a less-than-satisfying job. Many people settle for a job and then stagnate. You don’t want to wake up 20 years down the road and feel you’ve wasted your time at a job you never intended to keep. It’s important to always keep striving for your dream career, even if you hit a road bump on your way to it. As long as your keep your goals in sight and keep striving for your dream job, the perfect opportunity may find its way to your door.


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