Indeed Adds Assessment Tool

With the help of the recently acquired Interviewed technology the #1 job site has launched Indeed Assessments, a new tool for employers for evaluating on-the-job skills. The new platform helps employers automate the screening process by allowing them to screen candidates for skills specifically related to their open jobs rather than relying on just a resume. Indeed claims this will result in faster hiring decisions and┬áreduce bias in the hiring process. “Resumes are not enough – they offer just one dimension of a candidate’s experience and are time consuming for hiring managers and recruiters to sift through. Assessments also helps to democratize hiring by giving job seekers an equal opportunity to showcase their qualifications when applying for jobs, so that they are able to find the right opportunities faster and easier.” ~Raj Mukherjee, SVP of Product at Indeed With Indeed Assessments, employers can screen candidates for skills related to a variety of roles and industries including

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