HR’s Evolution During the Pandemic

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“HR was never meant to be finite because people are not finite. We owe it to the people we support to keep wondering what’s new and what’s better, without the threat of judgmental retribution.” – Mary Faulkner


If there’s one thing everyone can agree on right now, it’s the fact that the world has changed.


There are varying degrees of acceptance about how permanent that change is going to be. The cries for “back to normal” are being shouted down by “new normal, for now” or “the old ‘normal’ wasn’t that great, let’s change it all.” Wherever you land on that continuum, the realization has most likely set in that regardless of what you wish would happen, you’re going to have to change something about the way you’re conducting business today.


For a lot of organizations, that means rethinking their core business (how they make and spend money), and rethinking core business means rethinking support functions. Across the world, organizations are taking a hard look at their infrastructure – IT, Finance, Operations, Supply Chain, and yes, Human Resources.


Human Resources has been on the frontlines of change throughout this pandemic. They’ve had

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