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Building the Computational HR Flywheel HRExaminer v10.96 for October 30, 2020  

  The same idea of a flywheel that Jim Collins used as a metaphor for momentum in his book, Good To Great is a model HR can use to create a cycle of positive feedback loops inside of the HR Data initiative I’ve been discussing. John Sumser has more in, Building the Computational HR Flywheel in The Emerging HR Data Department.

What questions are you employing to inform your HR response to the coronavirus pandemic? A group of HR leaders and specialists developed The Small Scenarios Series to help.

Each year as part of the work for our annual report on Intelligent software and AI we identify a short list of companies to watch closely. Here are the 12 outfits we have our eyes on. The HRExaminer 2020 Watchlist.

Erin Spencer shares A Death

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