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Take 2 HR Viewpoints on AI Bias
and Call Me in the Morning HRExaminer v10.91 for September 25, 2020  

  When it comes to bias in AI you’ll hear two prevailing views. One assumes that people are the problem while the other sees them as the solution. John Sumser explores the two viewpoints in his article, Take 2 HR Viewpoints on AI Bias and Call Me in the Morning.

Psst, Do You Really Know How to Ask a Great Question? Heather Bussing writes, “Lawyers use leading questions to get people to say things they would avoid saying if given the chance: Isn’t it true that you ate the last Thin Mint? Then you opened the shortbread, didn’t you? And now the cookies are all gone, aren’t they? And I asked you to save me some, right?”

On this week’s HR Tech Weekly: Stacey and John discuss HR’s responsibility for Health & Safety, Paylocity adds Asynchronous Workplace Communication

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