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HR Data Makes Its Own Gravy HRExaminer v10.90 for September 18, 2020  

  “At the heart of the explosion of intelligent tools and AI in our software is the explosion of data. Buried beneath the expanding flow of information, workers have needed an assist of some kind just to process and try to understand what’s important.” Read part one of John Sumser’s new series: HR Data Makes Its Own Gravy (Part 1).

“The majority of information consumed by intelligent tools are various forms of text. Over time, that will shift into a heavy prevalence of machine generated or monitored data like movement patterns, keystrokes, social interaction, vocal intonation, environmental measurements, and communication patterns.” John Sumser concludes his series, HR Data Makes Its Own Gravy (Part 2).

Jason Lauritsen writes, “According to Gallup’s most recent data, employee engagement is at an all-time high.” I guess Employee Engagement Is About To Get (A Lot) More Challenging.


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