How to Write a Job Description: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

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Learning how to write a job description is like mastering an art form. 

It needs to accomplish a number of things in a very short time. It needs to explain the job itself, portray your employer brand, attract certain candidates, include Google ranking signals, and grab people’s attention.

That’s a big ask! But it is doable… as long as you avoid a few key mistakes.

Let’s look at 7 mistakes to avoid in your job descriptions to help you craft the perfect job ad.


Tips on How to Write a Job Description 1. Avoid Confusing Job Titles

It’s tempting to try to make jobs sound more exciting in order to grab people’s attention. We’re sure you’ve seen jobs like ‘Data Ninja’, ‘Growth Hacker,’ and ‘Office Guru’ making the rounds on job boards and career websites.

While these might lead to more clicks on the job ads, the titles themselves are meaningless. The clicks they would provide would likely be to understand what the title even means, not necessarily leading to more applications.

Not only that, but these types of titles can also deter candidates from applying. They’re confusing and most people don’t understand what they actually mean,

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