How to Grab an Employer’s Attention Using Twitter

These days, social media is much more important than you might think. Sure, it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family but, it can also help you get that dream job of yours. Twitter has rocketed to the top of the social media ladder and it’s now used by everyone. Television shows use Twitter to connect with their audience; politicians use it to connect with voters: everyone uses Twitter.

So, too do potential employers. If you think the cliché of “Googling yourself” still comes up with nothing, then you need to wake up. If you’re applying for a new position, there’s a good chance that the HR department is going to look you up. These sorts of checks now include looking at social media. As Twitter is one of the easiest networks to look at, Twitter is often their first stop at assessing you as a person.

So, how can you use Twitter to help you get a job? How can Twitter be used to get the attention of potential employers? Let’s take a look at these key points you should follow to make sure you look like a great candidate online.

Present Yourself as a Sensible Person on Twitter

Whether or not you’re just out of college, Twitter is a great place to connect with others and to show off how hard you can party. That’s great but, if you’re hoping for an employer to award you a position, you can’t be seen to be all parties, all the time. Of course you can connect with friends and family but, you need to look like the type of employee they’d want to join their team.

Keep things responsible on Twitter, and definitely stay away from Twitpics of you and your friends partying. Sure, it’s great to use Twitter like that. However if that’s all your Twitter profile is about then how good do you think it’ll look to a potential employer? This is even more important if you are applying to work somewhere that does marketing, social media, or web development because they know how to find pictures that you may think you’ve already gotten rid of.


Watch What you Share Online

It’s super-easy to share things on Twitter, like YouTube videos or music videos, maybe even shots on Instagram. If you want a potential employer to look upon your profile favorably you need to make sure your sharing good-quality material. Also, make sure the content you’re sharing is relative to your skills or background. For instance, if you’ve got qualifications in IT, you should share interesting articles on new technology and things like that. That way, when applying for an IT position, the employer can see that you’re a knowledgeable person that could be a valuable candidate for the position.

Be sure to use hashtags, too. Showing the world you know how to use Twitter is the first step to showing you can adapt to new things. Not just that but, you might come off as an impressive social guru. Social Media is where companies will see growth going forward, showing employers you’re onboard with it can be invaluable.


Build a Well-Crafted and Relevant Network of Followers

While you might think that it’s all about how many followers you have on Twitter, it really isn’t. Especially when an employer is sniffing you out online. An employer can tell a lot about you from who you’re following on Twitter and who’s following you back. For instance, it’s not good enough that you go and follow who’s who in Hollywood. Imagine if you were looking for a new managerial position and you came across their Twitter page filled with Hollywood gossip? It’s a good idea to have a few friends on Twitter but, be doubly sure to follow big names in your particular field and some influential figures.

It’s not enough to just wildly hit that follow button, you should craft a network that says something about you. The list of people you’re listening to could persuade a potential employer to listen to you.


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