How to Choose A Programmatic Recruitment Advertising Platform

Programmatic recruitment advertising platforms are all the rage. They use sophisticated bidding algorithms to efficiently advertise your open jobs across the Web, finding the best sites and destinations for your job advertising dollars to attract quality candidates at the lowest possible cost.   

If you are thinking about joining the ‘wave’, here’s a quick primer on the two major categories of programmatic technologies, the value of each, and some key considerations to consider in evaluating a vendor.

[And yes, I get it that as the CEO of Appcast, writing on this subject may seem a bit self-serving since my organization is a leader in this space, but I’m gonna try and play this straight.]

So here we go.

There are two major types of programmatic technologies: a Job Ad Exchange and a Demand Side Platform (or DSP in the lingo of the ad tech crowd). In the recruitment context, here’s what each does:

Job Ad Exchange: A platform where your jobs are advertised across a network of job sites, aggregators, and search & social platforms. You, as the recruiter, don’t choose the sites where your ads are placed…the software makes the decision. Typically, you don’t pay a software

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