How an Airline’s Career Site Took Off

AirAsia, which flies to more than 160 destinations spanning 25 countries, faced a set of talent issues that likely sound familiar to you.

For 11 years in a row, it has been rated the world’s top low-cost airline. It also has been expanding into new lines of business, in particular technology, logistics, shared services and travel-related services.

Rapid growth has meant a surge in new hires across all aspects of flight operations and corporate functions, as well in software engineering, data science, digital marketing, information security and cloud infrastructure, among others. In 2019 alone, AirAsia added more than 6,000 employees, according to Maneerat Ratanakovit, a senior manager in the group’s recruitment function.

Information technology has been an area of especially intensive hiring recently. “We probably doubled or even tripled the number of technical people we added in 2018 and 2019,” says Maneerat.

It cared about the candidate experience, but providing a good one was tough. It was screening a huge number of resumes, and scheduling interviews imposed a heavy burden on recruiting teams.

Faced with the challenge of finding highly-qualified candidates for a large number of positions, Maneerat says AirAsia “… looked for tools that could help us, especially

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