How AI and Automation can Reduce Bias in Recruitment?

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HR professionals usually have to search through hundreds of resumes to find the best candidates. Our minds have limited capacity to handle big information, so our brains create shortcuts to make decisions quickly.

It makes HR managers go with their gut feelings, which leads to unconscious bias during the hiring process.

Every single detail on the resume can be a deciding factor whether you get selected or not. A mailing address can indicate an undesired location. An email address containing unusual names can turn off the recruiter, or even the college name can be perceived as a non-pedigree school.

Recruiters make decisions that make them safe, or they go with something they already know, and such activities promote unconscious bias. 

Today, companies are trying to avoid such bias and create a more diverse workforce because it leads to innovation, creativity, improving brand value, increasing productivity, etc.

Here I will share some ideas you can implement to improve the hiring and mitigating the bias.

Take Help from AI Powered Tools

Every single day HR makes mistakes about the candidates based on the perceptions. But this biased decision made during the hiring process can be prevented with the help of technology.


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