How [24]7.AI recruitment went fully remote with the help of automation

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In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, [24] revamped its recruitment workflow using conversational AI and was able to screen +350% applicants

[24], a global digital customer experience leader with deep expertise in conversational AI, and global operations in Philippines, India, LATAM and the US, had to act fast when lockdown hit. A big component of their recruitment process used to depend on candidates going on-site. For their employees’ and candidates’ safety, [24] transformed their hiring strategy to make it 100% digital for their candidates. 


“When lockdown hit, we leveraged automation more than ever before. Using the conversational AI powered by Talkpush for pre-screening, shortlisting and automatically scheduling interviews allowed us to take on the increase in leads without sacrificing our candidate experience.”  — Me-Ann Batallones, Recruitment Director, [24]


By engaging with candidates on Facebook Messenger, 24[7].ai was able to process a lot more candidates — a whopping 250% increase year over year. Using the Conversational AI to pre-screen candidates 24/7, they were no longer limited by the size of their recruitment center operations and were able to handle much increased volumes, doubling their applications in just a few months. 

“We used to pre-screen candidates via phone

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