Hiring Tips for the Home Healthcare Industry

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The home healthcare industry was not spared from the effects of COVID-19. In April 2020, 82.4% of respondents to a survey conducted by the National Association of Home Care & Hospice reported revenue reductions between 15 and 20%. 42.6% of HHAs report reduction in clinical staff, and 47% report reductions in administrative staff. 

While recruiting and retaining quality employees is a constant challenge in the home healthcare industry, the pandemic has added significant hurdles to the process. But by improving your recruiting and hiring process, you can find top notch home healthcare workers who are not only eager to join your team but who want to stay there over the long term. We’ve pulled together some home healthcare recruiting tips to help you build your best team.

Write A Compelling Job Description

To overcome the workforce challenge in home healthcare, an effective job description can make your home health business stand out and help you attract quality candidates. First and foremost, the goal of your job description should be to show what your company has to offer.

In your job description, point out the advantages of working for your home healthcare business, such as flexible scheduling, competitive pay, tuition

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