High-volume Recruiting in the Age of COVID-19

Delivery companies, online retailers, grocery stores, as well as some healthcare companies and fast food chains, are seeing unprecedented levels of demand. Amazon has hired over 100,000 workers. Despite the economic downturn, some industries are thriving and need to expand their workforces quickly to meet an uptick no one could’ve predicted.

High-volume recruiting in the era of social distancing poses unique new challenges to organizations. Pre-coronavirus recruiting strategies generally involve close contact between candidates, hiring managers and recruiters at some point, so companies are rewriting their processes on-the-go and under a lot of uncertainty.

How long will the increased demand for these services last?  How long until things go back to normal?

Most scientists don’t think a vaccine will be available in less than 18 months and while lockdowns will certainly last less than that, it’s absolutely essential that businesses understand that social distancing started before any official measures were put in place by most governments. For example, data from opentable reservations show that by the time the official measures took place about 65% to 75% of the reduction in activity had already happened.

The same thing will apply in a post-lockdown world, activities will resume but consumers and candidates

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