Here’s How Facebook Graph Search Enhancements Could Help Recruiters, Sourcers

Have you heard?

Facebook is upgrading its Graph Search to include more segmentation.

Starting today, Graph Search will include posts and status updates. Now you will be able to search for status updates, photo captions, check-ins and comments to find things shared with you.

If you’re not already using Graph Search to source or aren’t even aware of such a thing, just Google it. Or just go to Sourcecon for an overview.

Or there’s a video if you’re particularly lazy:


Anywho, how do the upgrades impact recruiting? Here are some thoughts.

  • Searching posts is likely to be the most important. Say someone updates their status to “looking for a new job,” or “I hate my boss.” Or maybe “I love being a nurse” or “pass the coffee, I’ve been programming for 48 hours straight.” The results of such updates should reveal some pretty interesting prospects.
  • If you’re targeting specific companies, being able to see check-ins could be pretty revealing. Maybe targeting people who are checking into an exclusive event or conference makes sense as a recruiting strategy.
  • Comment search is pretty much the same as searching posts. Just more content to target.
  • Photo captions? Gotta love what “company holiday party” will reveal.

Now for the bad news: You’ll only be able to search people who are friends. The good news: You’ll also be able to search users who don’t have their account on lockdown, which, frankly, is going to be a lot of people. Search on!

Facebook will be rolling out these Graph Search enhancements gradually, so you may not have access yet. And if not, here’s an image to close with to help you better visualize what’s going on.

Facebook Graph Search for Recruiting

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