Guest Post: Racism Is a 400-Year-Old Virus

At Workday, we believe real change is needed to guarantee justice and equality for every member of our society. Looking forward, we’ll be sharing more about what we’re doing as part of our ongoing journey to value inclusion, belonging, and equity for all (VIBE), including our role in society to stand up for what is just and right. 

As a starting point, we’re reposting this article from Michael C. Bush, CEO of Great Place to Work and a member of Workday’s board of directors. In it, he shares advice on how we can build on this moment to understand the true impact of racism, support those around us, and do our part to bring about lasting change. 

In addition, we hope you’ll join Michael along with Workday Co-Founder and CEO, Aneel Bhusri, and Workday Chief People Officer, Ashley Goldsmith, at 1 p.m. PT on Wednesday, June 17, for a discussion on this article, and a candid conversation around the path to equality and how purpose-driven leaders can use their business influence as a force for good. 

“When a person says, ‘I love my son,’ we don’t say, ‘What about your daughter?’ When a person says, ‘Black lives matter,’ we should

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