Global Study: How Media Companies Lead in Organizational Agility

The media industry is accustomed to change—something that there’s been no shortage of in 2020. The streaming wars rage on with renewed urgency as people seek solace, escape, or understanding from the comfort of their homes. In the middle of this, organizational agility is more important than ever. When it comes to business innovation and flexibility, media companies—especially cloud-first ones unencumbered by legacy technology, as we examine below—are leading the way.

Our global survey of 998 executives, “Organizational Agility at Scale: The Key to Driving Digital Growth,” conducted before the COVID-19 pandemic, shows the majority already recognized that organizational agility is key to driving long-term digital growth. And, perhaps more tellingly, we found that there is a strong relationship between digital revenue growth and organizational agility. Phase 2 of the study is being conducted as you read this, and we’d venture to guess that agility will be seen as an even more urgent imperative for business leaders.

We identified five key behaviors that are crucial to organizational agility, and then grouped survey respondents based on their level of adoption of these behaviors. “Leaders” (15% of respondents) achieved high performance across all five of the behaviors, while “aspirers” (30% of respondents)

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