Future Proof Your Dealership with a Strategic Staffing Plan

This summer, American auto dealers made two key realizations. First, they can, in fact, sell and service an impressive number of vehicles in a pandemic. Second, they can accomplish these things with a fraction of the staff they had to start the year. As a result, over the past two months, many dealers across the nation have enjoyed a rapid recovery and record-setting profits.

To be fair, much of this recent success can be attributed simply to supply and demand economics. Additionally, dealers’ business benefited from, among other things, consumers’ shifting car buying and mobility preferences and favorable OEM financing and incentives. These factors drove consumers to dealers’ websites, showrooms and service lanes once government mandated lockdowns eased. Notably, most dealers navigated the swift business recovery with leaner and, in many cases, skeleton crews.

These outcomes were a welcome relief for dealers whose business suffered or totally shuttered in March and April. However, today, dealers are reckoning with how much and what kind of headcount it will take to sustain long term success.

Below we outline several ways to develop a strategic staffing plan that will position your dealership to succeed in the post-COVID-19 retail era. And if you’re

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